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september/oktober Entry Test. 1A: Reading and Vocabulary: The way we are – compound adjectives, physical appearance, hairstyles and clothing. 1B: Grammar and listening: Appearance and survival – Present Simple and Present Continuous. november: 1C: Listening, speaking and vocabulary: Personality adjectives. Speaking: First impressions – modal verbs, look/look like/looks if/seem 1D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: British fashion – verb patterns/describing clothes 1E:Writing: An informal email – how to write an informal email. december: UNIT 2 : TRAVELLERS' TALES 2 A – Reading and vocabulary: The power of tourism – compound nouns. Vocabulary bank: types of holiday, travel and transport 2B - Grammar and listening: Memorable journeys Narrative tenses 2C – Listening, speaking and vocabulary: One journey, different travellers – Persuading and negotiating. januar: 2D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: America on the move-verbs and prepositions, used to and would. Video: The mother road (Route 66) PP Presentation on English-speaking countries februar: 2E – Writing: A story – Writing a story with Storybird. UNIT 3: FEELING GOOD 3A – Reading and Vocabulary: Happiness – Idioms of happiness and sadness, noun suffixes: -ness, -ity, -ation, -ence, -ing. 3B – Grammar and listening: Healthy bodies, healthy minds? - Past Simple and Present Perfect   marec/april       3D - Culture, vocabulary and grammar: Fat America – Adverbs, Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous. Vocabulary bank: Feelings, health problems. 3E – Writing: A personal letter. maj Listening and speaking: Ted talk - global issues

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Bo na razumljiv način pisno in ustnnal na enostaveo znal predstaviti sebe in druge, bo zn, vendar razumljiv način povedati zgodbo v preteklosti, bo znal na enostaven, vendar razumljiv način spregovoriti o dejavnostih v prostem času, bo znal na enostaven način podati svoje mnenje o aktualnih vprašanjih.