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September - Oktober UNIT 4: A right to fight 4A – Text and vocabulary revision Grammar: past simple & continuous (revision) Listening – Short documentary ‘Flash Mob: Behind the Movement’ Creative writing – ‘My ideal flashmob’ 4D – Reading and vocabulary: Go the extra mile - prepositions Grammar - future actions will & going to (revision) Listening – short video ‘Volunteering at the refugee camps – interviews with volunteers’ Creative writing – opinion essay November UNIT 5 : Rights and wrongs Grammar – present perfect simple & continuous (revision) 5A – Reading and vocabulary: The choice – noun prefixes Listening – Short documentary ‘Who is Banksy?’ 5D – Reading and speaking: Coming of age 5D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: synonyms and phrasal verbs Grammar - first conditional December Grammar - second conditional 5E – Writing: A letter to a newspaper UNIT 6: Paying the price 6A - Reading and vocabulary: The influencers Listening - Short documentary Januar Creative writing – write your own advertisement 6B – Reading and vocabulary: Fair Trade Grammar - passive form 6B – Listening: Why buy fair-trade clothes? 6C – Speaking and vocabulary Listening – short documentary on fair trade products Februar 6D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: Traditional festivals Creative writing – local festivities Revision: Unit 5 & 6 Marec UNIT 7: The senses 7A – Reading and vocabulary: A question of taste Grammar – adverb / adjective collocation Listening – short documentary/video about the senses 7B – Grammar and Listening: Reported speech 7D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: A walk in the Woods April Creative writing – senses and nature UNIT 8: Decisions 8A – Reading and Vocabulary: Think differently Grammar – Third conditional, I wish, If only 8C – Speaking and vocabulary: Presentation 8D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: A bus ride to freedom May Revision: Unit 7 & 8 UNIT 9: Digital humans 9A – Reading and vocabulary: A day in the life Grammar – phrasal verbs ‘relationships’ 9C – Listening, speaking and vocabulary: Can’t live without 9D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: Touchscreen 9D - Writing – write a short poetry June Introduction to Unit 10: Creativity 10A – Speaking: skills and abilities

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