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september/oktober 3D - Culture, vocabulary and grammar: Fat America – Adverbs, Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous. Vocabulary bank: Feelings, health problems. 4B: Grammar: future forms. November 4: A RIGHT TO FIGHT Vocabulary bank: Global issues. Speaking and listening: Ted talk on global issues: air pollution, unemployment, poverty, epidemics, climate change, floods, urbanization. December Grammar: Prefixes - semi-, under-,over-, re-,co-,inter- 4C: Listening, speaking and vocabulary: Making our voices heard. Identifying facts, opinions and speculation. Speaking: Asking for and expressing opinions. 4D: Culture, vocabulary and grammar: Make a difference. Vocabulary: collocations – charities. 4E: Writing: an opinon essay. Writing: an opinion essay januar 5: RIGHTS AND WRONGS Reading and Vocabulary: Teenage gangs Vocabulary bank: Crime and punishment Speaking: BBC articles and creating a PPT about crime and punishment. februar/marec 5B: Grammar and Listening: Natural born liars Grammar: First and Second Conditional 5C: Listening, speaking and vocabulary:Sorry is the hardest word Three-part phrasal verbs with to and with Apologizing and accepting apologies 5D: Culture, vocabulary and grammar: Young people’s rights Vocabulary: Law and order Grammar: Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission. 5E: A letter to a newspaper. april/maj 6: WORD ON THE STREET Reading: The influencers Vocabulary: advertising Creative writing: Writing your own advertising Grammar: the passive voice Listening: advertisement

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Bo znal na jasen in razumljiv način podati svoje ustno in pisno mnenje o aktualnih globalnih vprašanjih, bo znal spregovoriti o svojih pravicah in dolžnostih, se bo znal ustno in pisno opravičiti oz. se bo znal ustno ali pisno pritožiti, bo v zvočnem posnetku znal poiskati specifične informacije.