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September – Oktober Entry test UNIT 1: The way we are 1A - Reading and vocabulary: The art of beauty – physical appearance 1B - Grammar: Appearance and survival – Present Simple and Present Continuous. Listening - Short documentary ‘America’s Obsession’ 1D - Reading and vocabulary: British fashion Listening - Short documentary ‘Which Was First, Goth Music or Fashion?’ November 1D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: describing clothes and hairstyle Writing – Describing a picture UNIT 2: Travelers’ tales 2A – Reading and vocabulary: The power of tourism – compound nouns Listening – Short documentary ‘Responsible Tourism’ 2D – Reading and vocabulary: America on the move 2D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: verb + prepositions Grammar – past simple December 2C – Listening, speaking and vocabulary: One journey, different travelers 2B - Grammar and listening: Memorable journeys – Past continuous Creative writing – Memorable journeys Listening – Short video The mother road Januar Grammar - used to and would 2E – Writing: A story – strategy Unit 1 + 2 – revision Februar UNIT 3: Feeling good 3A – Reading and Vocabulary: Happiness – noun suffixes 3B – Grammar: Healthy body, healthy minds? - Past Simple and Present Perfect Listening – Short documentary   Marec - April       3D – Reading and vocabulary: Fat America 3D – Culture, vocabulary and grammar: adverbs, present perfect simple and continuous Listening – Short documentary 3E – Writing: A personal letter. Maj Unit 3 – revision UNIT 4: A right to fight 4A – Reading and vocabulary: Disappearing worlds Grammar – future actions Listening - Short documentary - 'Flashmob: Behind the Movement'

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